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What are your right Horizon2 solutions to bridge the gap?

Welcome! We are a business consultancy, inspired by the McKinsey framework "The-three-horizon-approach-to-innovation", that assists businesses to obtain sustainable results in the areas of:

  • sales growth and marketing services;
  • strategic and operational planning design and implementation and 
  • corporate software solution assessments.

Continuous Improvement

An acceptable solution for your medium-term needs maybe superior to a more technical solution with higher complexity and cost and a longer implementation timeframe. Which is your best way forward? We help your organisation maintain continuous improvement in a practical way, so you achieve sustainable results, even in the most challenging of times.

Business Partners


DiUbaldo & Co

Management & Technology Consultants

We are a business advisory consultancy in strategy, operations, technology and process improvements. Areas of specialisation include procurement, audits, disputes, bids, cost control and technology requirements.  Clients include public agencies providing facilities and spaces such as convention and exhibition centres, airports, hospitals, schools, and universities both at  State and Local Government levels. Website.

Cascade Strategy

enterprise strategy execution software vendor

The World’s No.1 strategy execution platform, helping thousands of organizations run their business strategies and achieve their ambitious results! Simple enough for first-time strategists, with the sophistication and flexibility to meet the needs of large enterprises, we make big plans happen. Thousands of teams around the world use Cascade to drive results and turn their visions into reality.


Rosati Wang


ROSATI WANG specialises in the small to the medium-sized business sector, offering a comprehensive range of financial and business advisory services to businesses and their related individuals/owners. We astutely identify and understand the key drivers of a business and then work with the key stakeholders to develop and implement appropriate strategies to grow profits and sustain the business. LinkedIn.

Project Briefs

Market Research and Business Development

Client: World-class web design & online marketing agency
Brief: To provide a market assessment of the Oceania region and identify new business opportunities.

Activity-Based Costing Design, Build and Analysis

Client: State Government Department Business Unit
Brief: An activity cost breakdown of work performed and highlight areas for improvement.

ICT Asset Management Framework Review

Client: State Government Department Agency
Brief: To provide a requirements analysis and procedures review.

Voice Services Study

Client: State Government Department
Brief: To provide commercial due diligence as part of a voice network review.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Client: Grower, packer and wholesale distributor
Brief: Implementation of an ERP system with integrated financials.

Regional Sales and Marketing 

Client: North American IT Solutions Provider
Brief: Australian and New Zealand sales, account management and marketing contract support services.

Strategic and Operational Planning and Marketing

Client: Global Wellness Resource Centre
Brief: Strategic and operations business plan review; website design and implementation.

Marketing and Business Development

Client: Financial Advisory Service
Brief: Marketing strategy; social media presence; website design.

Strategic and Operational      Planning Design

Horizon2Technologies is a specialist IT Business Consultancy specialising in strategic and operational planning services and is based in Adelaide. We introduce local and interstate clients to our proven strategic planning system that helps you demonstrate progress within the organisation and produce comprehensive integrated reporting.

High performing and profitable businesses require a strong reporting process to help them get from A to B. Access to the right strategic and operational planning methodology and technologies will promote ownership and accountability, lift team engagement and culture, streamline the customer experience and encourage operational excellence.

At Horizon2Technologies, our strategic planning consultants in Adelaide will assist you in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and transforming your everyday approach to strategic and operational planning. We’ll get your business planning to where it needs to be.

Optimum Planning Software Tools

At Horizon2Technologies, our goal is to help implement the right strategic planning software tools for your workplace so you can align reporting across your whole organisation.

Our proven approach to integrated reporting helps you progress and benchmark results across your organisation, using a strong collaborative approach that keeps you at the forefront of business success.

Our consultants will configure your strategic and operational plans as an integrated reporting suite across your entire organisation. It will reduce risks, eliminate unwanted surprises and help sustain your organisation well into the future.

Our direct inspiration comes from the McKinsey Framework, “The-three-horizon-approach-to-innovation” that enables businesses to bridge the gap in obtaining sustainable results. Finding the root cause, rather than treating a myriad of symptoms is the difference between business success and failure.

At Horizon2Technologies, our goal is to help implement the right strategic planning software tools and systems for your workplace so you can effectively manage and report across your organisation, no matter what challenges come your way.

Maintaining Strong Governance

Corporate Governance is a critical element in improving economic efficiency and growth as well as enhancing investor confidence. In practical terms, strong governance requires a system of controls and mechanisms by which people are held to account.

Good governance starts with the board but extends well beyond the boardroom. Corporate bodies discharge their responsibilities to stakeholders where there is a fine balance between shareholders, directors and management. Authority cascades down from the board to the CEO and the executive management team and throughout the organisation.

It is not just a matter of ticking a series of boxes or getting tied up in red tape and bureaucracy to meet the regulatory requirements. Professionals involved in this important area need to keep up with changes in regulation and legislation, market practice and expectations. Our consultants in applying our practical governance process will help generate a best practice culture and ethics from the boardroom and beyond.

In summary, strong governance practice requires four essential elements 1. Transparency 2. Accountability 3. Stewardship and 4. Integrity. There is no single model for one size fits all approach. It involves establishing the practices to make and carry out corporate decisions. Those decisions need to be monitored as does the organisation's performance.

Horizon2Technologies can help you implement strong governance. Get in touch today for a confidential chat on (08) 8311 3948 or alternatively send an email enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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