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Enterprise Business Solution Specialist.

Rethink everything you do and look to Horizon2 to bridge the gap.

We are a Business Consultancy, inspired by the McKinsey framework "The-three-horizon-approach-to-innovation", that assists businesses to bridge the gap in obtaining sustainable results.

Beware of any problem for which there is only one definition. The more ways you can define a problem, the more likely it is that you will find the best solution. Find the root cause, rather than treating a symptom. If you don’t get to the root, the problem will likely recur, perhaps with different symptoms.

Don’t waste time resolving the same problem.

An acceptable solution, doable now, is usually superior to an excellent solution with higher complexity, longer timeframe, and higher cost. There is a rule that says that every large problem was once a small problem that could have been solved easily at that time.

Business Partners


DiUbaldo & Co

Management & Technology Consultants

The firm undertakes strategy, operations, technology and process improvements. Areas of specialisation include procurement policy, procedural reviews, due diligence audits, disputes, bids, cost control and technology requirements for public facilities and spaces such as convention and exhibition centres, airports, hospitals, schools, and universities, State, local government and corporate networks.


Business Solutions & Technology Provider

MicroChannel is the leading business software & technology provider in Australia with 1,400+ customers, providing ERP, CRM, Warehouse, Retail, IT / Managed Services and Marketing Tech solutions. A selection of our partner credentials includes SAP Gold Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Sage Business Partner, Salesforce Partner, IBM Partner, and HighJump WMS Partner. 

Rosati Wang


ROSATI WANG specialises in the small to medium-sized business sector, offering a comprehensive range of financial and business advisory services to businesses and their related individual/owners. We astutely identify and understand the key drivers of a business and then work with the key stakeholders to develop and implement appropriate strategies to grow profits and sustain the business.

Past Projects

Market Research and Business Development

Client: World-class web design & online marketing agency
Brief: To provide a market assessment of the Oceania region and identify new business opportunities.

Activity-Based Costing - design, build and analysis

Client: State Government Department Business Unit
Brief: To provide an activity cost breakdown of work performed and outline areas for improvement.

ICT Asset Management framework review

Client: State Government Department Agency
Brief: To provide a requirements analysis and procedures review.

Voice services study

Client: State Government Department
Brief: To provide commercial due diligence as part of a voice network review.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Client: Grower, packer and wholesale distributor
Brief: Implementation of an ERP system with integrated financials.

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