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Top 3 Things to Ask Your Business Planning Consultant

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09:53 AM

All businesses face crucial challenges and opportunities along the road of growth. This is especially true for companies launching a new line of products, startups looking to shift into full operations, and businesses that want to optimise their products, services, and day-to-day dealings. Whatever your goal, hiring a business planning consultant can prove to be essential. After all, who wants to deal with mediocre business when you can have a great business just by using a little expert advice?

Here are some things you must ask your business planning consultant before hiring them:

Areas of Specialisation

In general, you will find that management and planning consultants have areas of strength or specialise in some regions of business planning. Some planning consultants are great at consulting for particular industries, markets, or strategic problems.

If your business is already aware of the challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed, you need to ensure that your candidate is the right fit and has all the proven expertise in your line of work. Most businesses hire a consultant with recent work experience to ensure that they are aware of the latest insights and recommendations within the market.

While no planning consultant can hold the knowledge of all industries, we encourage you to hire a business planning consultant who specialises in your sector. That way, they will be able to provide specific analysis and guidance without wasting too much time.

Knowledge of Competitors

It is vital to hire a business planning consultant who is aware of the complete context of your business. Important things to know include your business's value proposition, resources, and nature of your competitors. Of course, no candidate will be thoroughly familiar with every nitty-gritty of your business, and it is unfair of you to expect him to. However, candidates who do their homework before their interview are the real deal. A good start would be by asking them basic questions like what they think your business is about.

If a candidate does their homework before meeting you and your business partners, it is safe to assume that he is invested in your company and will show due diligence.

Background in Finance

Regardless of the nature of your business, hiring a business planning consultant with a background in finance is extremely valuable. Most business projects require planning consultants to analyse previous financial data, help put together models and forecasts, and develop financial projections. If you are looking to analyse and prioritise problems and opportunities related to your business, your planning consultant must have prior knowledge.

Hiring a consultant with a solid background in finance is advised. If not, they must at least have extensive experience in performing financial analysis for some previous firm. Having the capacity to work with numbers and knowing how to handle data is crucial.

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